Templating, Manufacturing & Installation


We employ highly skilled craftsmen to carry out all our templating and fitting. Templating in this industry refers to the stencilling of the kitchen with accurate measurements which will be used to cut and manufacture the granite. Templating can only be carried out after the kitchen furniture has been fully fitted and no further changes are going to be made. The cabinets must be absolutely level.



We manufacture all our kitchen worktops in our own factory based in Hatfield using state of the art CNC machinery and the best quality materials available. We do not use ‘b’ quality or ‘seconds’ in our production. All our materials are selected and quality checked prior to production.




We employ highly skilled craftsmen to carry out all our installations. One of our friendly teams will visit to install your new natural or engineered stone kitchen countertop, ensuring you have a stress-free experience and that no mess is left behind.




Things to think about

Don't move!

Once the template has been done the kitchen cabinets must not be moved or altered in any way otherwise the granite kitchen worktops will not fit properly.

Sinks and Hobs

Please make sure your sink, tap and hob are on site at the time of templating and fitting unless we are supplying the sink. Please also ensure that adequate support is provided under the sink, especially if a waste disposal unit is being installed or if the sink is ceramic.

Please be there

Please note that you must be available on site on the day that templating and fitting is carried out in order to discuss any specific requirements, and to sign off after the job is completed.  Please note, we ask for 50% deposit when booking the job in and the balance is due prior to fitting